Presskraftüberwachung Präzision

precision and quality as load-bearing column

Quality does not mean for us, to fulfil the requirements of our customers. The aim of our daily work is our products to reach the highest quality possible.

"In the centre we see the customer"

Precision and quality conscious working is therefore absolutely essential. Therefore every worker in our company is included in the quality management program. To assure that only products with adequate quality are delivered, we do not just check the final product; we also check the parts during the production.

For this we have a number of precision measurements and proof devices:

  • different manual control equipment, proofed by inspection of measuring and testing equipment
  • altimeter MICRO-HITE
  • tensile test machine Zwick Roell Z100
  • hardness tester  Wolpert
  • MarSurf XCR 20 combi measuring platform for contour and roughness analysis
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine Zeiss PRISMO navigator - dimension, geometry, shape and location are recorded with the high-speed 3D curve scanning method with the highest accuracy
  • Tesa Visio 300 GL CNC controlled optical measuring machine

Furthermore, we only work together with suppliers which come up to our high quality standards.