Environmental Management

Economic and ecological measures have always been important for our corporate management. Especially in the last 15 years we have made a better effort at the environmental conscious process optimization. The executive management does also define the quality standards/requirements with sustainability and a long-term planning process. This demand includes the company in its entirety, from the building management to the production technology.

Our measures in environmental issues and energy efficiency also include:

  • In the production halls we can save ~90tCO2 a year with the latest heat exchanger and heat recovery of the process heat as well as the radiant heat of the motors and compressors
  • Heating and cooling of the administration buildings with geothermal energy  (annual savings of 12tCO2)
  • The roofs of our productions halls are used for regenerative energy production by means of photovoltaic modules
  • We mind that we only buy goods and provide external processes to suppliers who also respect these legislative standards
  • Reuse of reusable packaging and biodegradable filling material

For us it is very important to preserve a habitable environment for future generations!